How much control do companies really have over us? Digital Touchpoints

It is very clear that in society today companies strategically use marketing to engage you and I, their target audiences.

However, how much control do they really have over us?

Touchpoints, as outlined by Daria Kelly Uhlig provide us with insight over how effective a company’s marketing is.

These touchpoints vary across platforms and often engage consumers through saturations across the market. However, not all touchpoints are “brand-owned” (Bakhtieva, 2017) as the power of the digital age has allowed consumers to hold a strong influence over companies, thus, creating our own touchpoints through actively choosing to wear certain brands or post reviews about certain products, which leads to an increased consumer buying power.

As much as companies such as Apple and Nike and Sephora try to continually promote their brands and products to the public, they are losing control over this now more than ever.

Think about the last piece of technology that you purchased, was it because of your direct experience with the company that makes/ sells the product or was it from previous experiences with that brand yourself, or even a recommendation from a friend or other third party such as a review by a YouTube influencer such as Alfie Deyes or Jeffree Star.

It is these external influences which companies need to focus on understanding as they form a significant part of the overall customer journey. However, a significant implication from this is that brands can no longer solely dictate how the customers journey ends as much as they could before, as a direct result of the sheer amount of information present online for consumers to analyse.

Have you ever purchased a product or service based largely from another person’s recommendation instead of as a result of the companies direct marketing tactics?

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Bakhtieva, E. (2017). B2B digital marketing strategy: a framework for assessing digital touchpoints and increasing customer loyalty based on Austrian companies from heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Oeconomia Copernicana8(3). doi: 10.24136/oc.v8i3.29


16 Comments on “How much control do companies really have over us? Digital Touchpoints

  1. A very relevant trend to write on! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m actually quite resentful towards promotional message coming directly from companies and would much rather make a purchase after consulting a family member or a friend and hearing about their experiences.

    • I definitely feel the same!
      I think that consumers still do have a lot of the power when it comes to making purchases, however, companies are making it easier for us to make purchases without the time to really think about it.
      There are many ethical implications that can arise from this.
      Would you like a blog post about this in the future? I am more than happy to provide more insight.

  2. I definitely depend heavily on recommendations when purchasing products. I am really into food, so I spend quite a long time looking at reviews for various restaurants from both food apps as well as food influencers.

  3. I have definitely purchased products because of a friend or influencer’s (primarily YouTube) recommendations! Thanks for the great read 🙂

    • I’m glad you like the post, YouTube seems to be the main one that people use for recommendations.
      However, with soo many platforms we are almost inundated with information and opinions from others. That can sometimes actually make it harder to make a decision overall. It is definitely something to consider.

  4. When it comes to beauty related products, probably 99% of the makeup I’ve bought has been because of seeing YouTubers talk about and use it! And I rarely actually look at the brand’s website or social media.

  5. Wow such an insightful post! I can’t believe how many touchpoints we interact with daily without even knowing it!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, it’s pretty incredible how much companies are interacting with us, without us even knowing!

  6. It is really interesting how I actually experience this myself. I still remember last year when I want to purchase my laptop and I particularly choose a model just because all of my friends recommended that product to me since I trust them, I ended up purchasing that product

    • I wonder how many touchpoints your friends interacted with before they purchased the laptop. Hopefully it turned out to be a good one.

  7. It’s crazy how many touchpoints those brands hit on. I feel like they’re always around us and I’m always being reminded of them as if I’m being brainwashed! So interesting but so scary to think about

    • We definitely are inundated and saturated with information. I many ways we are being brainwashed because the opportunity to advertise is everywhere. Especially through word of mouth as the internet has made it easier to communicate to others as well as easier for brands to access us 24/7.

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