The Rabbit hole that is the INTERNET…

Have you ever found yourself at 2am in the morning wondering how you went from researching what Netflix show to start next to watching videos on how to build a survival hut in the Amazon. Well, you’re not alone.

This is all thanks to the genius search engine marketing (SEM) tools that help to feed us information about what we want, when we want it!

Although we have the world at our fingertips with instant access to answers of even the most far-fetched questions there is a huge amount of research and technology that goes into making that possible.

For example, have you ever been looking for a new place to eat and decided to search ‘places to eat near me’. Well research suggests that “41%” (Beltis, 2019) of people do search this on a regular basis.

In order to feed us relevant information websites need to adjust to the algorithm and use white-hat techniques as outlined by Brian Dean; such as quality content and quality inbound links (such as links to their social media) to increase their online visibility, so that ultimately we purchase from them.

Burgers of Melbourne are a great example of this, they’ve utilised SEM techniques to be seen by the public and become a good reference point if you ever need burger inspiration. Seriously, check them out.

This makes both on-page and off-page optimization crucial especially for small businesses who may not have a large budget for marketing and want to grow organically.

This means using approaches such as:

  • Removing large image files to improve page load speed (which will limit page bouncing)
  • Use key search terms (to make it easier for users to find relevant content)
  • Appropriate Meta titles

However, some implications that arise from these techniques is that there is still no guarantee that by solely using white hat techniques or optimizations that your webpage will be favoured by Google’s algorithm, there are still a multitude of factors that digital marketers need to consider. Especially as the digital age continues to grow if the content you are posting is not relevant, then no algorithm or technique can save you.

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12 Comments on “The Rabbit hole that is the INTERNET…

  1. Amazing write-up. Very nice post. I really liked your article. Thanks for sharing this information. We also provide SEM services on our website if you are interested then, feel free to click here

  2. Awsome article, well done!.. I really like it the way you put an additional reading of the Top 5 Restaurant Digital Marketing Trends of 2018… what do you think about the trends in 2019? are those still be the same or is there any new trends related to digital marketing in the food industry?

    • They’ve shown to be quiet similar so far, however with the introduction and saturation of new websites this is likely to change.

    • I’m glad we’re on the same page!!
      They are good and convenient. They really help us to make decisions because the online possibilities are endless.
      However, they are not always 100% accurate so keep that in mind during your next search. They are used as a guide.

  3. I find it super interesting how Google is able to suggest things to us before we even think of seeking them out. Definitely an effective marketing technique!

    • It keeps us engaged, so it’s a win-win!
      The data we give really does help us in some aspects like this, however, near me searches can be limiting to smaller businesses who may offer great services but don’t use SEO to its full advantage.

  4. I always search ‘places to eat near me’ when I have no idea where to eat! And thanks for the burger link!

  5. Ok the burger link made me hungry
    Insteresting, so much thought goes into advertising and I wouldn’t have even considered it if you hadn’t of written about it
    Makes you think doesn’t it

    • I’m glad i’m not the only one that was sucked in by the burger page, their marketing and SEO techniques worked well to get it to the top of my feed.

  6. Wow, that is so interesting, and thankyou for the burger link!!!!!!

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