SPAM: The Cockroach that never dies, despite everything that digital marketing evolution throws at it…

Over the years Email marketing taken many forms from pharmacies trying to sell you their latest performance enhancing medicines to Princes from far away countries offering you many luxuries if you hand them over your bank details. However, despite some of these spam emails being evidently misleading some unfortunate people do fall into their trap.

As digital marketing has evolved and a multitude of new social platforms have risen emails have stayed constant as a substantial mode of societally recognised communication, and along with it spam in all its glory has managed to sneak through.

In December 2018 Statista, (2018) revealed that spam emails accounted for approximately 57% of all email traffic. Seeing as Statista, (2018) also highlighted that in that same year approximately 281.1 billion emails were sent and received on a day-to-day basis there’s no wonder why spam is thriving.

Here is an example of a Spam email from EZ computer solutions:

Photo sourced: EZ Computer solutions


Implications include the idea that is spam just limited to email marketing? It is clear that the word ‘spam’ has been linked to emailing, however, is it also possible that whatever digital marketing revolution produces there will always be that ‘spam’ element, even once emailing as a main form of communication ceases to exist?

Additionally, an article by Peter Roseler outlines key reasons why email marketing and spam ‘still work’, some key reasons include:

  • It is an easy way to reach mobile/ device users
  • It helps keeps customers informed
  • It is inexpensive

Here is an outline of the evolution of email marketing:

Photo sourced: SabIntern

Testing Email Marketing:

To further test how effective email marketing is I have decided to test it out for myself through creating a Mailchimp account. So, I invite you all to comment down below or individually message me your emails so that I can test out this email scheme by sending you email updates about this blog to see the impact and reach of this marketing technique. I will update you in future posts about my findings.

Do you know anyone who has ever fallen victim to the everlasting technique that is SPAM?

Join the conversation and comment down below your thoughts!

See you all in the next post!

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17 Comments on “SPAM: The Cockroach that never dies, despite everything that digital marketing evolution throws at it…

  1. Really insightful post. It’s crazy how effective spam is especially since we all seem to get annoyed and frustrated by it.

    • That is very true. I couldn’t believe it myself. But I guess emails still prevail as a main form of communication. As long as we’re still using emails, spam in some form with still be around.
      However, SPAM has evolved and become more personalized and disguised which helps it to stay relevant and engaging.

  2. Great article, I am constantly deleting spam emails from my inbox. It has become a real issue for most people. Mailchimp is a great platform for making engaging emails.

    • It really is! You can choose to opt-in to my mail chimp service to test it out for yourself. I try to avoid the idea of spam emails through making them personalized and more engaging.

  3. Awesome piece! Online brands are getting very sneaky with how they coerce users to opt in. Sometimes I’ve opt in without even realising!

    • Thank-you!
      I feel the same way, however, the SPAM act is tightening up on companies and forcing them to disclose how consumers can opt-in and opt-out.

  4. Excellent post…thought provoking and a subject that “ invades” our lives everyday…..we don’t like it but we do accept it….who knows 5 years from now will it “ control” all our online choices ??

  5. Its mind blowing how prominent spam is considering how much we hate it , I had no idea the statistics behind it.

    • It is definitely something that before researching it I didn’t realise how prominent and effective it still is.
      As technology evolves email communication stays constant which is incredibly important for its continued survival.
      Out of the spam emails you get are many personalised?

  6. I think the low-cost aspect has played a big role in the consistent use of email marketing. Good point about the perceived control of our inboxes, I feel like we simply accept the influx of emails now knowing we can filter them however we like.

  7. I get really frustrated with spam emails! Luckily I don’t receive them often, but when I do I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy!

    • An invasion of privacy is interesting, I feel that way too, but technically we opt-in for them.
      Maybe in the future there could be a way for companies to be more transparent about what they intend to send to us as consumers when we opt in. Or even have a cooling off period where if emails are not being interacted with after 3 months then we are automatically opted-out.
      This could force companies to ensure that they are not ‘spamming’ us and that what they send us is relevant and actionable.

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