Tips that will make sure you pass your exam!

I’m guessing you are reading this to procrastinate further from studying from your upcoming exams… well don’t stop reading just yet, take in these tips and you’ll be well on your way to passing those exams.

Tip 1: Set achievable goals

Trying to study a whole subject in a short amount of time can be extremely overwhelming, so make sure you cut it down into achievable goals so that you don’t lose hope.

You could start by focusing on the main topics and then smaller topics after.

This is a guaranteed way to ensure that you’ll end up knowing the bulk of the information even if you run out of time.

Most key exam questions stem from the largest sections of a subject.

By taking achievable steps you are more likely to keep revising instead of giving up because there is just too much to do!

Tip 2: Practice Practice Practice

Grab out your favourite pen (Yes, everyone has one) and any other stationery that you need and practice some questions to get yourself in the mindset of exam taking.

By practicing answering questions as well as studying the information you are more likely to form a ‘context dependent cue’, that is, improving your memory and recall based on repeating a process or situation.

That way when you are actually taking your exam your mind is tricked into being more confident and feeling as though you are just at home practicing.

Less stress, and better performance.

Tip 3: Eat and Stay Hydrated

This one may sound simple, but it is probably the most effective.

Treat your brain like a muscle. An athlete needs to take care of themselves in order to achieve maximum performance, so why treat your brain any differently.

Make sure you eat and drink enough in the lead up to your exam to ensure that you can think with the best clarity and put all that hard studying into practice.

Try each of these and see your exam results skyrocket.

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4 Comments on “Tips that will make sure you pass your exam!

  1. Where was this post when I was doing Exams !
    Loving the memes, solid tips as well!
    Also I’d like to add- self care is so important.

  2. These are so helpful. How do you find music fits into it, do you see it as a positive or a negative?

    • Music can be distracting as much as it can be beneficial. However, baroque music can increase your memory by 20%, so it’s worth looking into if you prefer to studying with music on.

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