F1 2019 Recap: Battles, Championship Standings and More…

What a season 2019 has shaped up to be so far. With driver swaps and team re-structures at the end of 2018 there were no limits to the possibilities of how the season would play out.

F1 Driver line-up 2019
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Let’s have a quick recap of the chaos that has occurred on and off the track so far….

The Good:

We started out in Australia with Valtteri Bottas shaking up our expectations with Bottas 2.0 and bringing the fight to the other lead drivers whilst trying to get rid of his ‘wingman’ status to prove he deserves his seat, although he still has a long way to go.

Also, the 2019 Rookies George Russell, Lando Norris and Alexander Albon consistently gained traction and have showed fans just how skilled they really are.

The Bad:

We also had Daniel Ricciardo’s contentious move to Renault which was called into question with his almost immediate retirement at the beginning of his home Grand Prix, however, Renault have showed some improvements, although they still lack consistency.

The Ugly:

As the season progressed Mercedes continued their complete domination with 8 P1 finishes in the first 8 races. However, this did not come without its own controversies, the main one being the race win being stripped from Sebastian Vettel in Canada which gave rise to immense criticism of the sport and where it is heading.

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Conversely, the subsequent races in Austria, Great Britain, and Germany kept brought back the action with heart stopping overtakes and fiercely close competition, although how much of this was down to the weather which levelled the playing field as opposed to fairer regulations and consistent stewarding decisions is still up for debate.


On a positive note, coming into the summer break Max Verstappen has closed the gap on Valtteri Bottas with only 7 points separating them in the drivers championship and Red Bull have created a new fastest pit stop time at 1.88 seconds, Daniil Kvyat got a podium on the same weekend that his baby daughter was born and Williams were able to qualify at Budapest out of the last row purely on merit for the first time this season.

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What’s next?

With another half of the season to go there’s still endless possibilities to how it will unfold.

Who do you think will be the main challenger for Mercedes in the second half of the season?

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What are YOUR predictions for the remainder of the season with driver swaps, championship standings and more!

Comment down below and join the conversation.

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4 Comments on “F1 2019 Recap: Battles, Championship Standings and More…

  1. That’s definitely a real possibility! The front wing on the Ferrari doesn’t suit most tracks and that’s what impacts the entire set up of the car, I doubt they’ll be able to change that over the break, but they might make some improvements.
    I really hope Red Bull can bring a serious fight to Mercedes!

  2. I feel Red Bull have way out performed Ferrari that maybe over the break Ferrari might get their act together and become more of a threat… or their bad pace will stay the same and Red Bull will be able to push Max on to catch Lewis, I don’t think Mercedes are in the clear yet with how the races have been going lately.

  3. After what seemed to be a dominant first few races from Mercedes, there is now some hope in Max in being able to catch Lewis. I think he has it in him and Redbull have the drive to just be close enough for when Mercedes slip up. Is this enough or do we need more wet races?

    • I think the weather is crucial in evening out the playing field, but Mercedes have even more time over the summer break to make sure there is a buffer for the next half of the season.

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