Driver Line-up, Belgian GP and Conspiracies

The end of the long-anticipated summer break proved to be shocking and overwhelming for the teams, drivers and fans alike.

2020 Driver line-up so far

Relentless Red Bull: In the first week of the summer break Red Bull bit the bullet and demoted Pierre Gasly back to Torro Rosso and promoted Alex Albon, who initially did not seem to be the best choice that could have been made. This is a clear risk for Red Bull to tempt history repeating itself by endorsing Alex in his rookie year, before he is likely to be ready to perform to his most efficient capacity. However, in the second half of the race he eventually found his groove securing P5.

Controversial Mercedes: Since Bottas 2.0’s inconsistency throughout the season so far there has been a large question mark looming over him as to whether he would see out another season at the top team. However, over the break Mercedes announced they would be keeping Bottas which led to the move of Esteban Ocon to Renault to take the place of Nico Hulkenberg. Although it will be great to see Ocon return to the grid it’ll be a shame to see his potential stifled by the lack of progress from Renault. However, it is likely that as long as Hamilton stays at Mercedes, so too will Bottas as he serves as a great wingman who allows Hamilton to race without the added stress that previous teammates such as Nico Rosberg put on him.

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The Race

With the teams and drivers re-energised after the summer break the Belgian GP was set to be a thriller. However, the tragic crash in the F2 race after the F1 qualifying changed the dynamic of the weekend and brought the sport into perspective. Anthoine Hubert was a great driver with exceptional potential, he was taken too soon, but as Will Buxton outlined in Paddock Pass, the dice rolled, and his number came up, my thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time.

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The Danger

It takes a strong calibre of individual to perform at the level that racing drivers do. As the sport rapidly changes and the cars get faster and the pressure from the team, sponsors and fans build it can result in a split-second decision that can put multiple drivers and team members at risk. In the last few races alone, there have been unsafe releases from the pits and miscommunication in qualifying about cars on flying laps who are approaching at a rapid speed and other drivers are in the way.

All of these things make up the excitements and thrill of the sport, but they also need to be taken seriously as many individuals lives are in danger each time that the lights go out and the race starts.

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The Race Results Conspiracy

Charles Leclerc finally won his first ever GP with Ferrari, which he dedicated to Anthoine. However, with Mercedes within striking distance throughout most of the race and especially towards the final lap, it makes you wonder did Lewis Hamilton throw the race so that Charles could take a win that would mean so much to him?

Hamilton as an elite sportsman has not shied away from admitting that he struggles with losing as he expects himself to always perform at the highest level.

So, why did he seem so calm about being held up by Vettel?

Is it just that he feels secure with the lead he currently has in the championship? or Was a greater humbleness about the loss of Anthione and the impact that striking Charles on the last corners of the final lap would have on the atmosphere the driver behind him not taking out the win?

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4 Comments on “Driver Line-up, Belgian GP and Conspiracies

  1. I’m conflicted on if I think Lewis would let a race win go (especially against Ferrari) but when everything is laid out you can see that a Mercedes 2/3 is still a great result and the Merc team seemed happy that Leclerc won so it is plausible they let that win go. I like to think that Leclerc won because of Ferrari’s advantage at Spa and the speed they get in the straights. But either way I think Leclerc winning for his friend was always going to be the best result for such a traggic weekend.

  2. Red Bull are in a tough position because Gasly was doing just as well last year In Toro Rosso as Albon did this year. I feel like they are running the risk of having another driver that did well in the sister car but cant quite achieve the same in the Red Bull. It doesn’t help either how much they are hyping up Albon too. Talk about pressure.

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